Once and for all: Harry Roque says ‘he doesn’t care’ about his bashers

Published January 24, 2021, 11:46 AM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

Aiko Melendez and Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque Jr.

As promised, actress Aiko Melendez, in full talk show-styled fashion, did a vlog with Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque regarding the numerous issues surrounding his now famous name.

Aiko asked Harry about his work, including the qualifications to be the spokesperson, in which Harry replied: “Number one, dapat talaga makapal ang mukha mo kasi talagang you can never please anyone.

“May ayaw talaga sa presidente, and at this country ‘pag 91 percent ang approval at saka ang trust rating ng presidente, yung 9 percent napaka-ingay because now they say it over on Twitter.

“So kung di makapal yung mukha mo at yung pinagsasabi ng mga kalaban mo at yung mga pinagsasabi ng mga kalaban ng presidente na sinasabi nila laban sa’yo ay talagang magkakaroon ka talaga ng nervous breakdown.”

The Malacanang spokesperson also shared that he doesn’t read tweets because it is negative.

Roque also had some words to those who are opposing him and the President: “Mag-tweet kayo ng mag tweet! Hindi ko rin naman kayo babasahin. I don’t care about what they say kasi di ko sila binabasa, I post when I want but I know twitter is pre-dominantly the opposition.”

When it comes to Vice Ganda’s statement, who compared him to a clown, Harry found a way around it by saying that he is flattered, for he loves the likes of Charlie Chaplin

Asked about his recent interview with News anchor Pinky Webb’s “hair flip” Roque humored about it saying: “Well mabuti may buhok siya, siguro kung may buhok rin ako? Mag-gaganon rin ako.”

Roque proceeded to answer Aiko’s question seriously, saying that he reacted that way because he thought Pinky’s question was unfair.

The initial number of views for Aiko’s blog reached more than 9,000. Watch the full vlog here: