What makes Claudia Barretto different

Published January 23, 2021, 10:36 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Yet another daughter of Dennis Padilla and Marjorie Barretto is making inroads in show business.

No, Claudia Barretto doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of her mom and dad, as with her sister Julia, who are all more focused on acting.

She wants to be known as a singer-songwriter.

During her launch as exclusive talent of Viva Artist Agency (VAA), Claudia explained her decision thus:

“It wasn’t because I wanted to set myself apart or anything. Music is my passion so it was just natural that I gravitate towards music. It’s as simple as that.”

Being a Barretto has its pros and cons according to Claudia.

For one, there’s too much expectation.

“Because, you know, my titas, my mom, my sister — they are doing so well,” she said.

But she added, “It never really bothered me because we’re very different from each other. We have different passions. They like acting, I like singing.” 

“So I just use all the comparison, the expectations, as motivator, you know, to also be good at what I do, try to emulate the hard work that they put into their work so people would say I am deserving of the attention and the opportunities that are being given to me.”

But is she willing to try acting in the future?

“I never say never. But, of course, my passion is music and I want to do more of that for now but I’m open to different ideas and I’m open to trying out new things especially now that I feel like I’m more prepared to take on more responsibility, especially when it comes to my career.”

As to possible controversies that could erupt along the way, she said, “Everything else should just be white noise… I should just really focus on, you know, bettering myself and improving as opposed to focusing on destructive criticisms.”