Healing and recovery

Published January 22, 2021, 6:00 AM

by Fil C. Sionil

Most of us are still trying to recover from the all-nighter we did to watch the end of a bratty, snobbish Donald Trump presidency Wednesday that ended in the  wee hours of Thursday morning.

The assumption of Joseph Biden as the 46th president of the US of A was history unfolding as many firsts  were  recorded after more than a century of smooth transition. It, also was the beginning of an era with Kamala Harris taking oath as the first second highest elected woman leader with mixed blood.

The ceremony was smooth as if nothing chaotic, critical had  happened two weeks earlier when a mob stormed the Capitol. As history chronicler, I fully admire the SOP of the Americans, there’s no lingering, but a quick picking of the pieces to move on.

It calls to mind an observation of National Artist for Literature F. Sionil-Jose, who wrote in his FB account on January 12, 2019, and I quote, “America has one enduring strength. It is capable of self-renewal. And this strength is brought about by its openness, its self-criticism, and the continuing immigration of the best minds from all over the world. America has always provided a sanctuary, a place where their genius can bloom, and future for their children.”

Indeed. Mr. Biden’s presidency comes at a very dreadful time in the history of the world. There’s economic suffering due to the pandemic. In a conversation I had  with my all-time reliable chief market analyst of BDO, Jonas Ravelas, and two others, I observed that two buzzwords dominated our exchanges – healing and recovery. Whether you’re talking about foreign or local issues, these two words come to the fore.

President Biden is described as the healing leader that would unite the people fragmented by the leadership of Mr. Trump. He comes in following the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, plus the proposed $1.9-trillion package that many believe can bring on track economic recovery.

 The Biden assumption to office is a “momentous event” in global history. The rest of the world “will benefit” from the relief package. “The pandemic created a multitude of crises. Mr. Biden’s presidency is a potential global economic uplift,” Mr. Jonas explained.

 It’s time to rekindle the friendship galvanized by the behavior of the former US vice president. The pandemic has, actually, created a paradigm shift in the geo-political landscape that included the emerging economies.

Whatever happened previously, the Philippines remains  “critical” in the balance of diplomatic power and there’s a “need to mend relationship, in this part of the region.”

Somebody questioned the logic behind the propensity of Filipinos,  mostly baby boomers, to follow the developments, watch the unfolding of history Wednesday night. For me, this is the significance: the new leader in America can, inject adrenaline into the long-arm of diplomacy, no matter the great divide, that could reach the Philippine shore.

Healing and recovery, likewise, dominated the domestic market scene this week. While we were sleeping, everyone was startled by the news that Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Governor Benjamin “Ben” Diokno went under the knife due to a blood clot.

The latest health bulletin circulating in the business community is that Gov. Ben was discharged from the hospital yesterday and is now  home recovering. I don’t want to delve into what really happened as I assume corporate affairs managing director Tony Lambino will amply update the BSP press corps.

Here’s to healing and recovery, Gov. Ben.

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