FAMOUS: A biopic on Andres Bonifacio

Published January 22, 2021, 7:31 AM

by Jeff Fernando

Ai Ai Delas Alas

2021 means a big-budgeted historical movie for Regal Entertainment, as it embarks on a legacy film project about the life of Filipino revolutionary leader and patriot Andres Bonifacio.

According to Dondon Monteverde, the movie’s executive producer, filming of the movie is set to begin in the first quarter of 2021 and the epic production will be directed by the multi-awarded filmmaker  Erik Matti.

Both Monteverde and Matti said that this latest movie about Bonifacio contains new details on the colorful life of the fallen hero.

“We know that his life was one of the most written about and filmed stories of all time, but we promise that in this new movie, the public will learn astounding revelations never before heard of Andres Bonifacio,” Monteverde said.

For Matti, doing a period piece is a daunting task but he’s very excited to make his first period movie.

“When we heard the details in Bonifacio’s life that we only heard for the first time, Dondon and I got interested. We’re interested in telling a story that we haven’t heard before.

“We want to tell it not just to be different or to debunk other historical facts we heard about the Katipunan but to also present another side to a story that may not be worthy to change our history in the books we read growing up but to tell a story that will make for a really great movie whether or not it will be debated upon. After all, good movies spark great conversation.

“When Dondon and I presented the idea of doing another Bonifacio movie, there were several questions we needed to answer before embarking on this ambitious project.

“The main challenge is really recreating the time and the setting in order to engage the audience with whatever story you want to present as a filmmaker. The amount of skill and talent required from the filmmakers on a historical piece is equal or even more than that of doing science fiction.

“Period films are not just about stories. It is about transporting the audience to a world that would offer them discoveries of how it was then.

“Now, I think I am ready to face those fears. We are ready to work hard on knowing the facts and be ready too to make a piece of cinema that’s worth experiencing without the feeling of being lectured on it.” he said. 


Comedy Concert Queen AiAi delas Alas has renewed her contract for the sixth year as brand ambassador for Hobe Pancit Noodles.

During this event, she answered questions from the entertainment media like the topic on K-Pop, particularly BLACKPINK.

“Basta happy naman ako sa ginagawa ko, and kasi talagang paborito ko kasi ang BLACKPINK. At saka ayoko rin namang umarte. Huwag na rin tayong magpaka-plastic. Pag kumakanta naman ako ng Korean, talagang nagte-trending. So, di ba, yun naman ang essence ng buhay? Gusto mong mag-trend ka.

“Di naman ako plastic, ha, talagang gusto kong mag-trend ako. So, yun ang ginagawa ko, nagti-trend ako pag kumakanta ako ng Korean. So, gagawin at gagawin ko yun.” she said.

On her message to bashers, the comedian said: “Na-embrace ko na rin. Aspect ng buhay natin na nandiyan yung mga bashers, di ba? As long as hindi naman ako nakakasakit ng tao o nang-aapi ng tao, mas natutuwa pa nga yung iba, sa pagiging ‘Unbothered Queen’ ko.”