4 kidnappers killed in Quezon City shootout

Published January 22, 2021, 3:24 PM

by Joseph Pedrajas

Police killed four men who reportedly abducted a Chinese national after the latter engaged authorities in a shootout during a rescue operation in Quezon City early Friday morning.


The Quezon City Police District (QCPD) said the incident happened around 12:40 a.m. at a house on Sta. Maria Extension in Barangay Holy Spirit after they received a report that Chinese national, identified as Zhi Fu, was kidnapped in front of UP Town Center by four men aboard a Toyota Vios with plate number XCE 939.

The incident was witnessed by the victim’s fellow Chinese, Li Cheng, who was also tried to be abducted but managed to escape.

“Thereafter, the kidnappers contacted the family of Zhi Fu and demanded P20 million in exchange of his release,” the police report said.

Members of QCPD’s Anti-Kidnapping Group, Special Operations Unit, and the Holy Spirit Police Station immediately conducted a hot pursuit operation over the incident.

Police managed to locate the victim after he sent his exact location through social media application, WeChat.

“The team went immediately to the said address and while the operatives were approaching at the house, the suspects fired their guns which prompted the police operatives to fire back,” the report said.

Police said that the rescue team were prompted to retaliate that led to the killing of the four still unidentified kidnappers.

The Philippine National Police believed that the slain kidnappers were “remnants of Waray Waray Group,”  a group being “hired and employed” by Chinese syndicates for their kidnapping activities. The group is also allegedly involved in “a series of kidnapping activities in Metro Manila” and in Region 4-A.

Investigators said they recovered from the crime scene one M16 Rifle inserted with magazine loaded with 13 cartridges, one magazine of M16 Rifle loaded with 18 cartridges, one cal. 45 pistol with inserted magazine, one cal. 9mm Pistol with inserted magazine, one cal. 38 revolver, and two hand grenades.

Also recovered were one Honda Beat Motorcycle without plate number, one unit black Toyota Vios with plate number XCE 939, two cellular phones, two sachets of shabu, and several fired cartridges and fired bullet of still undetermined caliber of firearm.