Which is the fake P1,000 bill?

Published January 20, 2021, 12:58 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Makeup artist, microblading guru, and now i’Milky milk tea shop owner Barbi Chan recently shared a photo of two P1,000 bills. In her Facebook post, she asked her friends to figure out which of the two bills that she posted is fake.

“We got scammed again with a fake P1,000 bill. Guys, be careful kasi super galing na nila mameke. We even have a UV scanner and mayroon na din ang pekeng bill . We only found out in the bank,” she posted.

We got scammed again with a fake 1000 bill. Guys be careful kasi super galing na nila mameke. We even have a uv scanner…

Posted by Barbi Chan on Thursday, January 7, 2021

In an interview with Barbi, she shared with us that her staff goes to the bank on a daily basis to deposit the sales from i’Milky Eastwood branch for the day. The staff called Barbi to update her regarding one of the peso bills.

They couldn’t believe that these fake peso bills are getting better every time. It passed their UV scanners. “even the fake ones have the UV reflective fibers already.” says Barbi who added that they bank took the fake bill and made them sign a currency confiscation receipt. So, in the end, they lost P1,000 worth of sales, because the bank didn’t accept the fake bill and confiscated it as well.

How to spot
“We noticed that the color of the seal of the real one is greener compared to the fake one. The fake one is more blue in color,” shares Barbi. “A friend who works at the anti fraud division of a bank told me that to check the authenticity of the bill, you can rub it against white sheet of paper and some pigment should come off. I tried it and it is really true. The fake one has no pigment at all.

Another rule she relayed to her staff, “Avoid accepting P1,000 peso-bills. Just tell them you don’t have change for it.”