LOOK: English actress Florence Pugh loves lumpia

Published January 20, 2021, 3:55 PM

by John Legaspi

Looks like the fans club of this Filipino dish just keeps on growing

Apart from her superb acting skills and carefree style, there is still more reason to adore Florence Pugh. Well, at least for her Filipino fans. The English actress took it on her Instagram stories to share her love for the Filipino favorite party dish, lumpiang shanghai or spring rolls.

“I grew up eating lumpia and would literally count down the days until I’d eat it again,” the 25-year-old actress posted. “My best friend was half [Filipino] and her mum was a master at cooking. She (her best friend’s mother) knew I loved them and would make a batch, freeze them, package them up for me to take home after our sleepover.”

As seen on her Instagram, the Midsommar and Little Women star has been busy in the kitchen the past months. No wonder the thoughts of lumpia came to her mind. She has been sharing her kitchen adventures online, from her fettucine and ravioli-making to her special Sunday roast.

Florence is the latest addition to the list of international celebrities who love lumpia, which also includes American rappers Earl Stevens and Cardi B.