These statement accessories add style and safety to your pandemic dress code

Published January 19, 2021, 5:51 PM

by John Legaspi

Let these fashion items remind everyone that Covid-19 is still here and for safety protocols to be observed at all times

With almost a year in community quarantine, many Filipinos have already found a way to live their lives while the pandemic continues to spread. Some even got more comfortable that they neglect basic health protocols, from the mandated physical distancing to wearing protective wearables at all times when outside their homes.

This chill mindset should not be tolerated, especially now that a new Covid-19 variant has reached the country. Whether you’re guilty of it or not, we are all responsible for reminding ourselves and the people around us about our fight against the invisible enemy. While we can no longer bear the stress and scare of it, these fashion items will surely get the message across and bring a few giggles as well.

Rajo Laurel Atras face masks, P495

Filipino fashion designer Rajo Laurel’s face masks will sure come in handy, not just for protection but also for alarming anyone who dare to step into your one-meter distance safety zone.

Mhere fashion mask style handbag, P1,599

What could be an even bigger statement than a handbag that looks like face mask? If they, didn’t get the message of protective wearables, we don’t know what will. 

Aniya Clothing Distancia Amigo face mask, P69

Unlike the first face mask, this one has a more friendly approach in reminding everyone about social distancing. Other designs includes “Ha? Ano ulit?,” inspired by the hearing dilemma we all have these days, and “Hindi ako pasaway,” in case you want to discreetly brag about it.

Icono’s No Beso Maria Clara fan and face mask set, P1,150

This set works wonders for those who can’t stand the facial heat that comes from wearing face masks. Plus, the fan’s statement is pretty feisty. If they don’t get it, then use the fan to poke people if needed. What we mean is that not everyone is allowed to have a yantok outside.