Here’s why Liz Uy is a blooming pregnant mom

Published January 19, 2021, 10:53 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

With baby number two on the way, it seems Liz Uy is enjoying her pregnancy by embracing and enjoying it.

In her recent post, she shares, “I’ve been asked how to style or dress up during a pregnancy. Quite hard, really, since baby 2 is bigger (and heavier!) than Xavi. But there is always a way to put a little glam into blah days. Embrace and enjoy it!”

Here are some more stunning photos we found over on her Instagram stories:

Shot by BJ Pascual, and made up by Lala Flores with hairstyling by Raymond Santiago, the concept for this shoot is a semi-wet look in peach hues. Liz is wearing this season’s hottest biased-cut silk dress.

It seems Liz loves shades of nudes. This time around, she chose a sleeveless spandex top. Simple but chic, paired with black leggings. The simple layering of accessories made this look a sophisticated one.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t go glam, as Liz showed in these photos.