GOSSIP GIRL: Noble Queen Globe from India teaches art to poor kids in PH

Published January 19, 2021, 7:22 AM

by Giselle Sanchez

Noble Queen of the Universe Globe Aditi Ahuja

Last Sunday, Jan. 17, the chairperson of the Philippine Chapter of the Noble Queen Universe Limited, Eren Noche, decided to celebrate her 50th birthday with a gift-giving to marginalized families in San Mateo Rizal. Since our Noble Queen from India has businesses here in the Philippines, she decided to come over and teach art to the children of San Mateo Rizal. I had a chance to finally meet this Indian beauty and have a tete-a-tete with my fellow queen, Noble Queen of the Universe Globe, Aditi Ahuja:  

1. What is your profession?

I’m an artist, a trainer and an entrepreneur, my work in the professional world promotes art as a medium of therapy and healing.  I run a soft virtual training school of Art for all age groups. Starting this Jan 15 and all Fridays thereafter, I have Paint Nights, a virtually designed art session for all art enthusiasts. You can check the details in the Sprout A Comprehensive Art Curriculum facebook page. 

2. How have you helped in the task of empowering women in your country?

My country, my India 🇮🇳 and its citizens are not only within its borders but spread all across the globe. Sharing my advocacy with Indians, supporting them in their local endeavors and being a live example of my advocacy has inspired millions of followers globally. Encouraging women to pursue their passion and talents, believing in their potential and moving forward in life with a positive and never giving up spirit has been an all time pursuit. It’s the heart of love and compassion that can cross the physical boundaries and connect to the soul of a human. 

3. What makes a woman noble?

A woman with heart of lioness demonstrating courage, protection, focused goals and insightful action for the larger good while holding love  & compassion for each one makes a woman truly noble. 

4. Who are the most inspiring women have you met? Please include Filipinos as well: 

In real life, my mom is my biggest inspiration: her unsaid sacrifices, her passionate involvement in the smallest of life skills, her curiosity towards learning with a keen sense of problem solving has always amazed and inspired me to be what I am today. 

Second I would like to mention Cecille Guitode Alvarez, who doesn’t need an introduction. I’ve met her and always in appreciation of her achievements. “What an amazing & accomplished woman of substance, she is an awe inspiring lady who stands tall with her ideals and beliefs.”

5. What do you think is the worst problem that women are facing in the modern time? How could you help them in solving this problem?

“Beauty blooms from the best seeds”. I believe improving the quality of the seeds will resolve all problems, addressing the root or the heart of the issue at hand. Hence, considering oneself the weaker sex and living with low self esteem is what in general women need to come out of, for them to be successful in any struggle be it domestic violence, supporting girls education, sexual harassment, standing tall against female foeticide , not being allowed to live the way one wants and many alike problems. 

My advocacy being promotion of human happiness and share the “belief in ones own potential” is the way to resolve all issues. When we strengthen the core, the external will naturally be beautiful. Hence, considering art, culture and education as the underlying never of the human heart, I’m working towards empowering and enabling each woman and child, to build self confidence & optimistic approach to LIFE, the most precious Gift of God. 

6. How did you come up with your advocacy?

They say, “experience is the best teacher” 

“Facing different kinds women oriented struggles at an early age led to the search for a solution. Various forms of art including dance and music, while having an exposure to the rich diverse Indian culture became my tools to heal within. 

Realization forced me towards learning and both together became my advocacy towards dedicating my life for the larger good.”

To continue her advocacy, Queen Aditi Ahuja will have more art sessions with marginalized children in both India and the Philippines. She has also pledged to collaborate with me in my feeding programs for the homeless and the poor such that we will organize two feeding/art programs for the poor children and I am very excited for this project.