‘Double Patty’ featuring Red Velvet’s Irene drops first trailer

Published January 19, 2021, 1:03 PM

by Angie Chui

After figuring in controversy for her rude behavior, Red Velvet Irene is set to feature in her debut film entitled “Double Patty.” The film recently dropped its first teaser featuring Irene and Shin Seung Ho in the lead roles.

The trailer depicts the lives of two characters, Lee Ji Hyun (Irene) and Kang Woo Ram (Shin Seung Ho) as they struggle with multiple jobs to make ends meet and achieve their dreams.

“Double Patty” is a film that centers on the two characters – Ji Hyun who works hard to reach her goal of becoming a successful anchorwoman, and Woo Ram, a former ssireum (Korean wrestling) athlete who also longs to make something of himself.

The trailer effectively shows how the path of these dreamers come together and how they develop a relationship amid the struggles of reality.
Double Patty is set for release this February although no final release date has been announced.

The production wrapped up filming late last year but faced a setback when Irene’s was accused of bad behavior by a photoshoot editor. The Red Velvet member apologized after the incident last October and recently posted a new apology on the Red Velvet thread on Lysn.

She said that she has spent the past few months reflecting on her actions. She explained that all the while she has been promoting and working with people, she was unaware that the way she the way she was communicating was a problem. She expressed her regret over her previous actions and vowed to do better in the future.

“In the future, I will not only try to show the good sides of me as Red Velvet’s leader and as a singer, but I will also work hard so as not to disappoint everyone as the person, Bae Juhyun. As this is something that happened due to my lacking ways, I hope that there will not be any more people that receive criticism due to it. It is late but, happy new year,” she said.