Scarlet Snow still doesn’t know how to speak Tagalog?

Published January 18, 2021, 6:24 PM

by Noel Pabalate

Have your children’s Filipino teacher ever called your attention regarding your kids’s poor performance in Filipino? For sure, some parents who used English as the first language of their children could see themselves on Hayden Kho’s shoes in a video posted on Scarlet Snow Belo’s instagram.

The video started with Hayden telling his daughter Scarlet that her teacher told him she still doesn’t know how to speak Tagalog. In reply, Scarlet immediately spoke in Tagalog to defend herself:  “Marunong naman akong mag Tagalog, Daddy,

Scarlet nailed her first sentence, but she stuttered when she’s about to tell her dad these words: “Gusto mo magturo ako ng Prutas Pilipinas?”

Before Scarlet started singing ‘Prutas Pilipinas,’ she asked her mother Vicki Belo to be her backup dancer. The beauty doctor gamely danced while showcasing some of our local fruits. Their performance received a resounding applause from the people at home and big praises from fans on Instagram.  

Scarlet asked netizens to support her mother for doing it for her. “I begged Mommy to do this crazy thing so please cheer her on and make her feel loved, ok, ” she wrote.

The young celebrity encourages her followers to do the same: “Also, I would like to see your version of #PrutasPilipinas. It’s a song to remind us the Filipino fruits are yummy, colorful, and nutritious!”

‘Prutas Pilipinas’ is a new folk song composed by our National Artist Ryan Cayabyab, with lyrics by Noel Ferrer, and performed by The Company.

Teaching Filipino language through our folk songs is one of the best ways to learn fast our mother tongue. Also, it helps kids not just appreciate but also preserve our culture and identity as Filipinos. 

According to experts, it’s easier to master a new language if one has a firm grasp of their native language. Moreover, studies shows that being fluent with mother tongue can comparatively develop kid’s cognitive and intellectual skills faster.