Photo of the Week

Published January 18, 2021, 8:29 PM

by Ronald Jayme

Café Arabica, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi (Photo by Tawpee Comeso)

“This image was an unintentional concept shot during our photowalk in one of the heritage sites of Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. We saw these old jars of Arabic coffee they called “Qahwa,” a version of the brewed coffee of Coffea arabica beans. Most Arab countries throughout the Middle East have developed distinct methods for brewing and preparing coffee. Cardamom is an often added spice, but it can alternatively be served plain or with sugar. It was displayed in one of their tents and we asked our friend to strike a pose while he was wearing a Kandura (an Emirati Men’s Attire). Luckily I got a good source of natural light coming from the sun in the small opening of the tent and putting ‘sun flares’ to make a more dramatic scene. We had a great time doing this fun shoot.” – Tawpee Comeso

Our appreciation to Neutral Ground Reborn (NGR) ( This photo was also chosen as NGR’s Photo of the Day (Week 47, Day 3) of Season 4 – 2020.