AUDIO JUNKIE: Vicor vinyl back in a big way

Published January 18, 2021, 7:09 AM

by Punch Liwanag

Classic OPM got a lot of attention these past few weeks ever since a series of vinyl reissues were announced by Vicor Records. Audiophiles and vinyl record specialty stores alike got a big buzz when classics by Ric Segreto, VST & Company, Rico J. Puno, Sharon Cuneta, Rey Valera, Freddie Aguilar and Martin Nievera were made available again.

This is big news for real OPM listeners. And when I say real, I mean those afficionados who scour every rack at the used vinyl LP store and are even crazy enough (in a good way) to let go of a substantial amount of money to pay for a previously owned record. As long as the condition is nearly mint and minimal dog-earring of the sleeve, of course.  

That’s why the Vicor classic Vinyl reissue, that comes at the label’s 55th year anniversary, is a big deal. Here are a couple of reasons why.  

This is the first time these records were reprinted on the original LP format after decades.

The “Segreto” album, which includes the classics such as “Don’t Know What To Say (Don’t What To Do),” and “Give Me A Chance” as sung and recorded by Ric Segreto, have long been sought after on vinyl because it has been out of print for so long. Probably ever since the CD replaced cassette which in turn replaced LPs as the format of choice for the music industry. That was almost 40 years ago!

This is the first time these albums were made on 180 gram vinyl.

Just so it is not too technical, we’re just going to say that 180 gram is a magic number that equates to superior sound quality when it comes to vinyl records. It means that the record is durable, resistant to warping, and stable. Local music fan (Jet Vincent Caay) knew his stuff and described his initial impression of the “Segreto” record said “it is cut from virgin vinyl wax so the sound has no pops and no surface noise.”  Basically, what he means is that the record is of audiophile quality. Another vinyl connoisseur (Raymund Dones) went on to say, “I’d personally rank this the best OPM reissue in terms of sound quality by far. Definitely a 180g LP – those piano and guitar strokes on “Loving You” just had me in awe, and the sax just floated in the air. It just sounded right.”

Which brings us to the fact that these albums have never sounded so good.

From the timeless love songs of “Segreto,” to Pinoy pop disco and more on “VST & Company Volume 1” that include greatest hits such as “Magsayawan,” “Awitin Mo at Isasayaw Ko,” and “Ipagpatawad.” To Freddie Aguilar’s breakout album that includes the iconic folk hit “Anak,” to soul singer Rico J. Puno on his hit-laden set “Tatak Rico J.” that includes “Sorry Na, Pwede Ba,” and his take on “The Way We Were.”

Martin Nievera’s equally favored album “Martin” that includes pop gems such as “Please Don’t Take My Love Away” and “Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin” among others. To legendary singer-songwriter Rey Valera’s “Naaalala Ka” that includes a handful of his hits such as “Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko” and “Ako Si Superman.” And finally a young Sharon Cuneta whose debut album “DJ’s Pet” include the pop gem “Mister DJ.”

So with all these classic records getting all the attention from Pinoy pop aficionados, it is safe to say that vinyl is back in a big way. And by the look of things, this is just the start.