Published January 17, 2021, 10:49 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

By Margaret Rose Siytangco

Forget what you’ve read or what you know of Winx and watch the series with a blank slate. Because if you compare it to your beloved comic books or animated series, you’ll be in for a very stressful time. Much like what happened to Archie fans and the Rivendale TV series. The only way to enjoy a new series of shows based on beloved comic books from your childhood… is to forget what once was and focus on the present.

Just accept the fact that they took the name Winx, the fact that they are fairies, they have specific elemental powers… and they rolled with it. That’s it. The characters retained similar hair colors, names, and even a hairstyle or two, but honestly, there is no connection at all to the sparkly, colorful world of Winx. Netflix seems to make the worlds of our childhood grittier and darker. More… mature. But did it really ruin it? Fans of the old series would say yes. Newbies, who know nothing will say no.

Because, once you manage to suspend your previous knowledge of Winx, you will have a FAIRY enjoyable time. It’s a magic school after all. Fairy students in a magic school. (Hello, Hogwarts?). We all wish we grew up with magic. This series provides a few hours of that again.

Young adults and teens will find a visit back into a magical realm interesting, and with the added suspense of monsters and possible death, it’ll keep you clutching your bowl of popcorn and snuggling under the blanket.

“Fate: the Winx Saga” was enjoyable. In fact, it can grip you and keep you watching episode upon episode. After my very vocal objections at the first 2 episodes ( I had forgotten to suspend my previous knowledge of the comic books), I had a fun time watching. I finished everything in one night. The only time I was jolted back out of my immersed watching was when things became really hot… burning hot. Literally spiralling out. Fans know what I’m talking about. And I started yelling at the screen again for making a mockery of my memories.

Though, that in itself is not a bad reaction. It meant I feel emotional about the storyline. And it’s a good escape from this pandemic world we find ourselves in. I’m actually waiting for what happens next.