Why walk long and far for mental well-being?

Published January 14, 2021, 12:17 PM

by Noel Pabalate

Even Ellen Adarna did it—here’s how walking can help someone with major depressive disorder.

In a three-part video on instagram, Ellen Adarna shared her mental training experience through the Kokoro program in Bali, Indonesia. It was concluded with a 115-kilometer walk where Ellen finished for 26 hours, with only few minutes rest in between but without sleep.

Ellen mentioned in her testimony that it was the longest hour she was able to talk and deal with herself. Also, she said that when at the point her body shut down, her mind took over, and during the process there was a vicious cycle of negative and positive emotions where eventually she was able to manage and channel them rightly, meaningfully, and productively.

The long walk was meant to strengthen her will and courage to battle her mental issues.

But did you know that, as per the Journal of Psychiatric Research, walking even just 30-45 minute for five days a week can improve conditions of people who have major depression? 

According to Healthline, walking can reduce anxiety, depression, and negative mood. Also, It can improve self-perception and self-esteem. Not to mention it can help think creatively. 

Other benefits of walking are burning calories, toning muscles, strengthening bones and joints, improving eyesight, digestion and pancreas, preventing heart disease, relieving back pains, and increasing lung volume.       

It only proves what the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates once said, “walking is a man’s best medicine.” And the best thing about it is: it’s very easy, it requires only little effort, and it’s totally free.