Live-action adaption of ‘Voltes V’ has a new teaser

Published January 14, 2021, 9:11 PM

by Rom Mallick

Let’s. Volt. In!

A year after local network GMA 7 teased that it was working on a live-action remake of ‘70s mecha anime Voltes V, it released a new and updated teaser of the ambitious project. And it looks like it won’t disappoint.

Camp Big Falcon and the Bozanian skull floating fortress (Screenshot, GMA 7/Toei Animation Ltd.)

Pinoys received the news of a live-action Voltes V with mixed feelings. Those who had seen the show expressed both excitement and a bit of apprehension. The former because, well, who wouldn’t want to “volt in” again, and the latter because GMA 7’s record when it comes to remaking anime hasn’t always been stellar—Shaider and Lupin, anyone?

Laser sword! (Screenshot, GMA 7/Toei Animation Ltd.)

Dubbed as Voltes V Legacy, this live-action version of the classic mecha anime looks really sleek, with fans treated to a first glimpse of Voltes V’s iconic laser sword.

Voltes V Legacy is helmed by director Mark Reyes and is a project licensed under Toei Animation Ltd. When the show will air is still to be announced. In the mean time, you can check out the trailer below.