Sam Concepcion, Andrew E share insight on songs made popular via TikTok

Published January 13, 2021, 11:38 AM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

Sam Concepcion and Andrew E. are both skeptical on music that gain popularity through video-sharing apps.

But they respect it.

In an Online media conference held recently, Manila Bulletin Entertainment asked the two about their perception about the whole TikTok phenomenon.

Sam classified it as “its own thing,” and not necessarily bad, saying:”I think it’s a whole revolution on its own, the whole Tiktok thing, its an own revolution on its own, the whole success ng Tiktok is a revolution of its own.”

“I think it should be considered as its own thing. There are trendy dances that spread like wildfire very easily and the people that use Tiktok are loving it. You can’t discount that because they are doing something that’s quick, easy to consume and again, people are loving it.”

“I don’t think it’s bad per se, but I also believe in acknowledging the roots or the things that come before it, meaning the original song or artist.”

On the other hand, Andrew said, “As I see it, there are two corners: one, you could go to the internet and showcase your talent. Show them what you have and the whole internet will be your judge.”

“Although in comparison, before, 10-30 years ago, maybe if you don’t have the internet there are certain competitions or game shows na pwede mo i-showcase mo yung talent mo and that’s the hardest.”

According to Andrew E, those who showcased their talents live on game shows or competitions are the one that “lingers on.”

“‘Yun yung tumatagal,” he said.

“Nowadays, maaaring mas madali sa internet with the people as your judges pero that audience is easy-to-lose also kasi maaaring by tomorrow or next week or next month, may person sa internet na maybe mas sisikat pa sa’yo.”

The rap icon believes that balancing both talent and the widespread reach of the internet gives a huge boost to an artist’s fame.

Either way, aside from the raw talent; the success of an artist can be associated with his/her drive to succeed. Platforms like Tiktok and YouTube are secondary.

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