CANDID SHOT: Ram Skyler Caldoza de Leon

Published January 13, 2021, 10:08 PM

by Robert Requintina

Ram Skyler Caldoza de Leon, 20, is taking a shot at show business as he joins the elite new talents of PEPPS TV Artist managed by Carlo Morris Galang.

This aspiring doctor is the son of dermatologist to celebrities Dr. Risa Caldoza of Vanity Skin Aesthetics. A former Mrs. Tourism International, Risa is also a Beautederm ambassador.

While Ram is also into modelling, this hunk is not taking his studies for granted.

Said his manager Mark de Luna Alvero: “He is still part of PEPPS TV Artist and also he is part of ‘My Toxic Lover The Series’ but minimal role (not a BL role) only since he is very busy in school. I asked him to attend at least 1-2 shooting days. And in PEPPS TV, we are planning to have a different segment and Sky is part of it.”

Get to know more of Sky in this exclusive Q&A:

1) Birthdate – August 13, 2000

2) School – De La Salle University

3) Profession/course: BS-PREMED PHYSICS

4) Celebrity crush – Liza Soberano

5) What’s keeping you busy these days? – Just mainly online classes, working out and painting.

6) How do you manage to stay fit and healthy? – Since Im studying at home, I manage to workout 6 times a week. It’s a good thing my dad bought gym equipment for me to use.

7) Food/s you avoid – I avoid very spicy and sweet foods.

8) Food/s you love most – I really don’t have any favorite food. I guess it depends on my mood, but I really do love eating chicken, cooked in any way hehe.

9) What would you do if you had one million dollars? – I would invest it into making a business. Probably a franchise. Also once I become a doctor, I would want to build my own clinic.

10) What are your personal goals for 2021 – Just to make sure I stay fit and healthy both mentally and physically. And also to focus on my goals with more focus and discipline.

11) New Year’s resolution? – I wish to grow in maturity, and also I would like to be a better person to other people.

12) What do you find attractive in a woman? – I find strong, empowered women attractive, those that could speak their minds. So brains before beauty hehe. 1

13) What should every man try at least once in his life? – They should try setting fitness goals. It isn’t just to look better, but it allows them to have clearer minds, which would allow them to achieve their other goals.

14) The best gift you have ever received so far? – I guess that would be my ever supportive family. I wouldn’t have been able to get where i am now without their never ending support.

15) The first thing you do when you wake up – I start my routine with a prayer, thanking God for all the blessings I received.

16) Do you believe in marriage? – Yes, but it definitely takes a lot of hard work and commitment.

17) The happiest event in your life so far – That would be my first trip to Europe. I didn’t just get to travel, but I also got to study art there.

18) Your go-to karaoke song – Come What May by Air Supply.

19) Ideal romantic date – Very casual.

20) Love or money – Love

21) Car or motorcycle – Car

22) Text or call – I prefer calling cuz it’s more personal, and since it’s pandemic. I miss talking to people.

23) Favorite perfume – Calvin Klein One

24) Favorite shampoo – Head and Shoulders

25) Deodorant – Dove Men Plus Care

26) Shoe size – 10

27) Shirt/underwear – Medium