New year, faster connectivity

Published January 11, 2021, 12:24 PM

by Jonnah Lynne Pante

Upgrade to Super Speed internet for just P99

Photo courtesy of Sha Visalda/Studio XOXO

Have you ever experienced being invested in online office meetings only to get that slow, robotic voice when it’s finally your time to speak? How about getting hyped up because of your favorite movie or series then suddenly that buffering symbol shows up just when the scenes are getting more intense?

Much has been said about the importance of having a stable internet connection especially nowadays when a lot of tasks are done remotely and online. If the obvious reasons aren’t enough for you to make the switch to better internet speeds, here are a few reminders why an upgrade is worthy.

It’s for the whole family
Now that even some parents are getting the hang of various social media apps, it’s safe to assume that in a common Filipino household, each family member is connected to the web almost 24 hours a day. This can lead to network congestion, and with more users at home consuming more bandwidth for streaming, downloads, video conferencing, and other data-heavy activities, internet speeds tend to slow down. One easy solution for this is to find an internet plan that can keep up with the demands of daily internet usage — all family members considered.

Say goodbye to ‘barely there’ video calls
Don’t let a crappy internet connection steal your focus during important conference meetings or online classes. The majority of video conferencing apps are programmed to adapt to internet speeds which is why sometimes, there are users who have pixelated videos and choppy audios that affect effective communication. Find peace in knowing that you’re far from disconnecting in the middle of online calls with a suitable internet subscription. 

Get that smooth-sailing streaming experience
Video-on-demand services are getting more and more popular as days pass by. Streaming platforms like YouTube and Netflix are now even used as sources of learning materials for some students. May it be for watching documentaries, TV series, movies, and Korean dramas, a good internet connection is a must for a lag-free binge watching session.

With technology evolving, gone are the days when people have to shell out a relatively huge amount of money for decent internet speeds. Fortunately, the country’s telco giants like PLDT have a number of subscription options fit even for budget-savvy consumers. 

Take it from a long-time PLDT Home subscriber Sha Visalda, who’s currently on a work-from-home set up just like most moms.

Sha shared that she recently upgraded their internet subscription at home through PLDT’s Super Speed offer which allowed her to double internet speeds for as low as P99.

She said that a reliable internet connection has become a necessity for everyone in the family, including their household helper. She shares, “My husband and I are both working from home and consumes 40-60% of the day attending online meeting, with video on at times. As for our kids who attend online class every day from 7-11am, they are required to turn on videos thus shared data at this period is a little bit of a struggle. Fortunately, they never missed a class due to poor connectivity and I am spared of sending excuse letter to the school, all thanks to our reliable PLDT Home Fibr Plan. Now that it got even faster, our trusted Manang can even do streaming on her phone at this period as well.”

Aside from their daily productivity needs for work and school, they also get to enjoy fast Internet for family entertainment, online communication with distant relatives and most importantly security at home. Sha says, “We use the Internet for work and school primarily, then Netflix at night, and some random video calls to distant grandparents and cousins. We also have round the clock two CCTVs at home.”

For Sha, upgrading their internet connectivity at home was one of the best home upgrade for the family. “It’s definitely recommendable because of its reliability and value for money. Doubling our speed for only 99 pesos surely made our experience better without breaking the bank,” she concludes.

Like Sha, other PLDT Home Fibr subscribers can also enjoy an additional 50 Mbps to 300 Mbps faster internet speeds with the affordable PLDT Super Speed promo.

PLDT Home Fibr 1699 and 1899 subscribers may add P99 to their monthly subscription fees to get a 50 Mbps upgrade, while Fibr 2099, 2299, and 2399 subscribers can add P149 for a 100 Mbps speed boost.  Customers of Fibr plans 2899, 3099, and 3299, and Fibr plans 4099 and 4299 can top up with P199 and P249 respectively to enjoy a speed upgrade of 150 Mbps and 300 Mbps. To do this, all PLDT Home users have to do is to dial 170 for PLDT, Smart, and Sun, or (02) 80000170 for other networks to avail this today.

PLDT’s Super Speed promo is available until February 28, 2021. Visit for more information.