‘Scottea’: Thompson delights fans with wintermelon milk tea creation

Published January 8, 2021, 4:13 PM

by Carlo Anolin

Screenshots from Scottie Thompson and Scottea’s Instagram account

Ginebra stalwart Scottie Thompson is not only a talented basketball player but also a busy businessman.

Aside from operating his own barbershop called “Thompson’s Sports Hair Shop,” the 27-year-old Ginebra guard is also running a milk tea franchise named after his name — “Scottea.”

It was in 2019 when Thompson launched “Scottea” and since then prospered after deciding to open it for a franchise.

On Instagram Story Thursday, the former Perpetual Help standout showed that he’s more than just a CEO of his start-up business but can also work as a barista, that is if he’s not busy grinding at the basketball court.

Using the ingredients from “Scottea,” Thompson delighted fans with a wintermelon-flavored milk tea of his own.

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“Perks of having [an] own brand of milk tea,” wrote Thompson on his Instagram Story as he slowly swirls a metal straw around the glass.

Perhaps, Thompson just made the right investment from years ago since he’s about to marry fiancée Pau Fajardo anytime soon.

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Now, that’s what a successful businessman is all about.