Design your own bridal dress with the help of this website for free

Published January 8, 2021, 10:18 AM

by Jerico Villamonte

PSA to all the ladies who are planning to tie the knot—whether you’re engaged or still looking for the one—fashion TikTok has found a website that curates and helps you find your dream bridal style in real time!

Mattie, content creator who posted about the website, isn’t getting married herself but out of boredom, she found “the best thing ever” while on quarantine. Because we’re fascinated and curious at the same time, we decided to checkout the website ourselves.

The website is called Anomalie, a bridal portal where not only you can see your dream wedding dress, you could also alter it to your liking if you get early wedding dress jitters upon curating. You can now avoid the awkwardness of asking your designer to make countless alterations because you can do by yourself on the site.

Upon visiting the page, you will be asked to answer a short survey about what your initial visions for a dress and other elements that may affect your creativity—from the location, to the total mood, and even about your feelings towards lace.

Once the survey is done, you will now be presented with the initial dress resulting from the survey you took. From here, if you’re not ready to say yes to the dress, you can change the neckline depth, straps, skirt volume, train length, and many more, until you find the right one.

Whether you’re doing it for real, or just for fun, the website is truly fun, helpful, and useful all at the same time!

For more information about the customization, visit their website.

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