3 easy TikTok beauty hacks you should try now

Published January 7, 2021, 3:57 PM

by Paola Navarette

These will save you some serious time all week

Everyone loves a good beauty hack, and almost all of them live on TikTok now. The video-sharing platform taught us we can do virtually any beauty-related process, no matter how questionable, if we put our mind to it. Below are some of the best ones. 

Flawless foundation hack

Tired of your makeup creasing and melting off? Ignore the fundamental meaning of the word “foundation” and apply the product on top of everything else.

To do this, apply a thin layer of moisturizer all over your face. Dust a small amount of loose powder, and mist your face with a setting spray. Wait for it to dry completely and proceed with your foundation routine as usual. Prepare to be amazed by a magically flawless foundation application!

Concealer placement trick

If you feel like your eyes look tired, then you may want to try this TikTok hack. Apply concealer one the inner corner of your under eye, and then to the outside corner. Use your sponge or beauty blender to blend the product out and up for a lifted effect. Then apply loose powder to set it in place.

Color theory foundation hack

This last trick will allow you to customize your skin’s exact foundation shade. Just put white, red, yellow, and blue dots all over your face, and blend it all in. It takes, however, a bit of trial and error to find the right combination of colors for your skin tone and your undertone, but it’s worth a try!

Which one is your favorite?