Celebrities slam police opinion that gay suspects are still men

Christine Dacera (Instagram)

Celebrities took to social media Wednesday night to contradict the opinion of Makati Police Chief Colonel Harold Depositar that gay suspects are stil men.

Reacting to reports that the suspects in the death of flight attendant Christine Dacera were gay men, Depositar said: “Lalaki pa din sila . May instinct ‘yan, lalo na if you’re under the influence of intoxicating alcohol."

Depositar's statement didn't sit well with some celebrities.

Rajo Laurel

On Twitter, fashion designer Rajo Laurel said: "ang baklang lasing ay baklang lasing, ang baklang lasing ay maingay na baklaang baklang lasing ay tahimik na bakla, ang baklang lasing ay gumagandang bakla, ang baklang lasing ay warlang bakla, ang baklang lasing ay dyosang bakla, laging bakla ang bakla, mabuhay ang mga bakla."

Lea Salonga

Broadway star Lea Salonga approved the post of Laurel. She commented with an English translation of Laurel's post.

"A drunk gay is a drunk gay, A drunk gay is a noisy gay, A drunk gay is a quiet gay, A drunk gay is a more beautiful gay, A drunk gay is a fighting gay, A drunk gay is a goddess gay, A gay is always gay, Long live the gays! Pardon my translation skills! They need work!" Salonga said.

K Brosas

Singer-actress K Brosas reacted: "pnp - kahit bakla yan kapag nakainom ng alak nagiging lalake yan! me - hoy! Ilang beses na akong nalasing kasama mga beki, ilang beses na kaming nag spin the bottle ayaw nila ako i kiss! shutxxxxxxmez."