Kim Seon-ho to hold global online fan meeting

Published January 5, 2021, 9:37 AM

by Jonathan Hicap

Kim Seon-ho (Instagram) 

With all the attention he is getting right now, Korean actor Kim Seon-ho will be holding his first global online fan meeting. 

“Seon-ho’s Favorite” online fan meet will be held on Jan. 17 (7 p.m. Philippine time)  on TikTok Stage Connect. 

The online fan meeting will have different segments including Kim Seon-ho’s talk about the behind the scenes about the drama “Start-Up” in which he played the role of Han Ji-pyeong that resulted in the surge in his popularity not only in Korea but in many countries. He will also fulfill fans’ wishes during the event. 

“It is my very first online fan meetup so I am very excited and nervous at the time,” said Kim Seon-ho.

Salt Entertainment, the 34-year-old star’s agency, said, “We sincerely thank you for the interest and support you have given actor Kim Seon-ho in the year 2020.” It added that it regrets that Kim Seon-ho cannot meet fans personally due to coronavirus disease pandemic. The online fan meeting is a way for him to repay the support of fans from all over the world.  

Kim Seon-ho’s popularity skyrocketed after starring in “Start-Up.” His Instagram followers have increased to 4.3 million. 

Last Dec. 28, he held a live broadcast titled “Good-bye 2020” on Naver V Live that attracted more than 846,000 viewers from different countries. During the broadcast, he held a fan-signing event, fulfilled missions requested by fans and posed wearing different animal hats. 

In the latest episode of the Korean TV variety show “2 Days & 1 Night,” for which he won a rookie award at the 2020 KBS Entertainment Awards, Kim Seon-ho revealed that his agency set a new rule for him whenever he is in front of a camera. 

The cast held a blinking game wherein a snowball was thrown at a member’s face protected by a transparent shield.  The one that blinked lost the game. 

Before they began, they discussed what technique to use and Kim Jong-min rolled his eyes. 

“But you can’t see the balls when you do this,” said Kim Seon-ho. 

The producer asked him, “Will you be OK, though?” to which Kim Jong-mim replied, “What about your image, Seon-ho?”

“I can’t do it. My agency gave me a warning. They told me not to ruin my face (in front of camera). It’s OK to do my best but I should not do any silly faces,” said Kim Seon-ho.