Your games within reach with Seagate PS4 memory expansion

By Jaime Misalucha

Gaming consoles have been dominating the childhood memories of a lot of people since the first gaming console was introduced. Since then, gaming consoles have evolved and improved, revolutionizing the gaming experience around the world.

Although games at present can still be bought on a disc, a lot of games are now also downloadable directly to the console, which poses a new issue: storage space.

Consoles such as the PlayStation 4 gives gamers about 500 gigabytes of storage. This may be enough for some, but what if you need to expand your storage even further?

Luckily, with the help of Seagate, PlayStation 4's memory expansion is possible and you don't even need to sign up for anything. In fact, Seagate recently released a limited edition 'The Last of Us Part II' Game Drive exclusively for PlayStation 4.

On the Game Drive, you will see a printed out 'The Last of Us Part II' logo along with the Seagate and PlayStation logos. A tree branch etched on the surface of the Game Drive can also be seen and felt.

It is compatible with PlayStation 4 version 4.50 or later system software and can carry around 50 games in its 2TB (terabytes) of storage. Of course, the number of games may vary depending on the file size of the games you are downloading.

One thing to note though, the Seagate limited edition 'The Last of Us Part II' Game Drive does not come with The Last of Us Part II game and must be purchased separately. Also, once you have formatted the Game Drive to your PlayStation, you cannot use it as an external hard drive for your PC. Should you decide to use it as your external hard drive for your Mac or Windows PC, you have to reformat it again to make it compatible with your PC’s system.

One of the perks of having a Game Drive is that you can bring it with you anywhere and connect it to your friend’s PS4. But of course, you have to be logged in to your own PlayStation account to access games from your Game Drive.

Setting it up for your PS4 is also easy. All you have to do is connect the Seagate limited edition 'The Last of Us Part II' Game Drive to your PS4 via USB and then on your screen, go to SETTINGS>DEVICES>USB STORAGE DEVICES and then choose the new drive by pressing X in your game controller. Then, select FORMAT AS EXTENDED STORAGE and select FORMAT.

Once the formatting is complete, the drive can now be used as extended storage and will be the default location for your games and apps. But if you want to change the default setting, you may do so in the PlayStation’s storage settings.

Gamers can surely couch surf even further with the Seagate limited edition 'The Last of Us Part II' Game Drive as they can bring their games with them anywhere. This is to say that the real world is expanding just as much as the PlayStation games are.