‘They’re very expensive’: KC Concepcion recalls rude customer experience while shopping for a luxury bag

Published January 4, 2021, 6:02 PM

by John Legaspi

Here’s her advice in dealing with that kind of situation

KC Concepcion and her YSL black monogram clutch (Photo from @itskcconcepcion)

Do you still remember that iconic scene from the movie Pretty Woman, where Vivian (played by by actress Julia Roberts) entered a boutique in Beverly Hills and was asked to leave for not looking like a customer of theirs? Later, she came back to the same boutique after a shopping spree from another Rodeo store serving revenge in the most stylish way. Three decades from now, that scene launched numerous memes, a testament to what many consumers feel while on the shopping floors.

Apparently, an almost replica of that scenario happened to actress KC Concepcion. In her latest vlog, the fashionista shared with her fans her to-die-for bag collection and the stories behind each piece. And as she presented her YSL monogram bags in suede and leather, she also dished out an encounter she had while shopping for them. 

“You’re looking for YSL purses. YSL purses are very expensive,” a salesman told KC. She then asked if she could see the bags, their designs, and other items in store. But the salesman responded, “Yes, but they’re very expensive.”

Long story short, KC got to see the bags, and, unfortunately, the same rude replies ensued. So, she decided not to purchase from them and bought the bags from a different store. 

Her advice to other shoppers put in the same situation is to not give in to the pressure. “If you ever encounter a rude situation, never let that person get the commission,” she told. “Ask for someone else, walk away, and have someone else earn from your purchase. Or go to another store and buy from them… so they could feed their families, they can have a really good time with whatever they earn from you.”

“As a buyer, I’m very emotional. I still want to connect to the piece before I buy it and ask for the price,” KC said. 

Check out more of KC’s bag collection here: