New Year Style: Having a chic and orderly closet is always a good start

Published January 4, 2021, 5:56 PM

by John Legaspi

New beginnings call for an uncluttered wardrobe

Starting new things in life, whether it is related to your family, love life, or career, often calls for a “clean slate,” which usually requires various rituals. This can be as simple as doing meditation and taking out all the toxicity from within you, or something more extravagant like a party to commence the new chapter. 

Among the basics of having that clean slate is by putting things in your home in top order. What better way to begin that than by decluttering your closet. 

Just think of it. A lot can be said on how people style their looks like praises on choice of accessories and how they coordinate pieces instantly boost people’s confidence. But the things that the public eye cannot view are usually the ones that hold a person back like, in this case, a bursting closet. And that’s not what we need when it comes to venturing to a new life. 

Prepare to revisit your wardrobe horrors as we offer a few easy steps to take and keep in mind when it comes to having a tidy closet—and eventually maintaining it for the rest of the year.

Edit, of course

Think like a fashion editor when assessing every item in your closet. An editor selects and screens pieces that will go into a magazine. In your case, you should choose the garments and items that still suit you in order to decide what to keep and what to toss to the donation bin.

Be ruthless when it comes to editing and scale down your closet belongings. Pay no mind if you’ve dedicated your entire first job salary on a single piece or if something possesses sentimental value, if you haven’t worn it for eons, then it is time to part ways with it.

Consider closet space

Knowing the closet space you’re working on is a great way to deal with “What should stay and go” dilemma. While we would love to hold on to many pieces, our closets could only take what it can as long as they can keep their doors shut. Remember that what we’re aiming for is a wardrobe full of neatly stacked clothes and not a convoluted mess you can even take a shirt out without everything tumbling out of place.

Organizers are essential

But if letting go is not the first option to take, then looking for ways to maximize space is the way to go. Home makeover and reorganization videos on social media brings such a satisfying feeling we cannot describe. If you’re also a fan of it, this is the right time to channel that feeling into your own closet.

The internet has a multitude of stores offering items such as DIY racks and stackable shelves that can help you make your closet look neat.

Recycling is also a thing you can do. It is not just good for your wardrobe organization but also for the environment. Repurposing goods allows creativity to flow. They offer hacks on closet fixes and could turn your boring stack of clothing and accessories into a chic home display.

Separate basics and the best

We all have those days when we just can’t find that one item in our closets that we ended up digging everything out. The goal of having an uncluttered closet is not only to make it look stylishly clean, but to help you live a better life. We already have a lot in our minds in the morning—our daily commute, what to wear, your 10 a.m. presentation—and you cannot afford to be stressed out by a “nowhere to be found” white button down. 

Separating the church from the state, or in our case, the basics from your best pieces, not only removes those frantic mornings but also lets you make good style decisions. It is always easy to look inspired when you know where the staples are and elevate them to the next level with your vintage finds or designer pieces. 

Make an inventory

By doing this, you will never have that “I don’t have anything to wear” moment again. If you think having a lot of pieces in your closet will eliminate that, then you’re wrong. 

As you edit your closet and place things inside it, it is best to have a little inventory of the clothes, shoes, and accessories you have. Doing this not only gives you the answer to that dreadful daily problem, but will also help you keep track of things for future closet clean up.

You didn’t think this is a one-time thing, do you? As you go along shopping for the months to come, it is better to edit things again. Removing items you wear less to make room for new ones is a way to keep your closet from looking stuffed. With the inventory list, organizing and delegating closet space will be a breeze. It’s like having Cher Horowitz’s closet, but instead of a machine, you have a list to check and formulate your look.

Remember, much like any brainstorming scenario, deciding on what to wear and how to present yourself requires a good head (closet) space where everything is laid out properly. We don’t want our new beginning to be a case of style mess.