Barbie Forteza reveals ‘beauty secret’

Published January 4, 2021, 3:25 PM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

Want to look like Barbie Forteza? It’s quite easy but we have to warn you: It’s dangerous.

We learned about the “secret” via the “Anak ni Waray vs Anak ni Biday” star’s most recent post, a selfie with the caption: “No traffic, no pimples.Today feels good.”

It sparked a conversation between Barbie and the equally beautiful Julie Ann San Jose.

Julie told Barbie: “First.”

Barbie replied: “@myjaps BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Aga neng!!!”

“@barbaraforteza kakanta pa ko ng aegis eh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,” said Julie.

Barbie answered again, saying: “@myjaps bwahahahahaha sana ol normalan lang ang Aegis!”

 “The Clash” host then praised Barbie for her looks saying: “Ganda mo hay hahahaha.”

No one could have guessed Barbie’s reply.

She said: “@myjaps Shh ininom ko din kase yung hair spray. Ginaya kita. Epek pala talaga noh? ️Saka sana mas nakatulong kung nilagay ko nalang sa tutchang ko yung hair spray kesa ininom ko.”

“@barbaraforteza MOUTH SPRAY PALA AMP HAHAHAHA,” Julie retorted.

So, there.

Would you actually dare try it? We hope not.