What does 2021 have in store for you?

Published January 2, 2021, 6:00 PM

by Manila Bulletin

2021 love, money, and career forecast according to your astrological sign

By Sarah May Low

Pat yourself on the back for surviving 2020! Healing, change, and hard work are the main themes of 2021. Many people will build or rebuild new foundations in their lives. Many would feel brave to go out of their comfort zone as they would feel inspired to pursue something new—business, knowledge, relationships, social circles, hobbies, and skills.

As we have recently moved into the Age of Aquarius, the sign that will see the most progress and growth in 2021 is Aquarius. They will experience a lot of tension initially, but as long as they continue to step it up and take on more tasks, ultimately for them, it will be a really satisfying year. Other fixed signs such as Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio will also experience identical growth. The new year is the perfect way to start an online enterprise, and job or career development looks best for earth signs—Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus in particular. There’s a desire for every astrology sign to get a fresh start in all aspect of their life; hence, it would be a pleasant year to take a chance, be adventurous, and do something totally new.

In 2021, Saturn spends the entire year in the Aquarius sign, while Jupiter splits the position between the Aquarius and Pisces signs. Uranus and Pluto are continuing both their transits of the Taurus and Capricorn Earth signs, respectively. This year’s eclipses are mainly in the Gemini and Sagittarius signs, although in Taurus, there is one eclipse at the end of 2021.

*For advance level Astrology enthusiasts, also check the rising sign (outer energy) and moon sign (emotional energy)

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Aries ♈

March 21 to April 19

Majority of your energy will be concentrated on matters related to work, career, and public status in 2021. What would be essential for you is to create a legacy for yourself by publishing new work, art, writing, music, and finally complete projects. This year, you will find yourself being in favor with people of high authority and bosses, and there would also be significant changes when it comes to finances.

Strengths: Inspiring, dynamic, trailblazing, hardworking, energetic, helpful


Taurus ♉

April 20 to May 20

Areas of focus in your life for 2021 would be travel, expansion, spirituality, or higher education. You are eager to gain new knowledge and explore new experiences such as eating exotic ethnic cuisine, new culture, new places, or business opportunities. You may also feel impulsive, especially when it comes to appearances. You want to update or change your looks. One thing to be careful of this year are partnerships—both romantic and business-wise as there may be an element of change within partnerships. This year, your goals are also focused on lineage, inspiring the future generation, making the family proud, and ensuring the longevity of your reputation, especially when it relates to your family name.

Strengths: Stable, attentive, careful, dedicated, work-oriented, steady


Gemini ♊

May 21 to June 20

This year, you will become aware of your psychological thought patterns—you are inspired to change toxic mindsets, mental blocks, and limiting beliefs. Many inner feelings will be brought up to the surface, and there will be a surge of rash decisions, awareness of your subconscious mind and vivid dreams or messages. You will start to realize how important it is to control your mind as you have the power to manifest everything you want. Long-term investments would be favourable for you this year. You would also be lucky in love as there is an increased intimacy with partners and loved ones. You may also be completing a big project or publishing a new work for 2021.

Strengths: Lively, communicative, interesting, versatile, adaptable, active


Cancer ♋

June 21 to July 22

Cancer signs will look into their relationships this year, mainly reflecting on how their relationships would affect their goals. Taking care of your reputation is crucial, and this year would be suitable for networking and building business contacts. Leverage your influence to create the partnerships you want. There may also be changes in your social circle and friendship circle. When it comes to using social media, be careful of what you publish online as it can go either way—become viral or be criticized by netizens online. Evaluate if your long-term goals are aligned with your personal values.

Strengths: Devoted, easy, harmonious, persuasive, observant, empathic


Leo ♌

July 23 to Aug. 22

Themes such as health, healing, diet, and routine would come to the forefront this year as you will assess how these things would affect your long-term goals. Be productive and disciplined as this is how you would overcome obstacles and hurdles for this year. Invest in self-care such as skincare, yoga, meditation, and at the same time be careful with sweet food or junk food. Sharpen your work ethic and don’t be impulsive with decisions related to your career and reputation. There would be harmony with co-workers but have caution with bosses and authoritative figures. Some Leos would have a bit of an existential crisis this year as you reflect on your image and how you want to project yourself to the world.

Strengths: Fair, proud, commanding, ambitious, faithful, committed


Virgo ♍

Aug. 23 to Sept. 22

Virgos are known to be hard workers, but this year, instead of just slaving away in your job, you will take your desires more seriously by starting to create concrete plans and strategies to make your business, hobbies, or side hustle more profitable. Cultivate your hobbies and put your self-interest first. Be brave to push your projects to the world to show off your individuality and be prepared to receive epiphanies that will shift your mindset on how you see the world. Cut off negative thoughts or behaviors. Be careful during travels, especially long-distance travel. It is okay to indulge this year and allow yourself to do things you love and things you find pleasurably.

Strengths: Pragmatic, realistic, matter-of-fact, serious, professional, trustworthy


Libra ♎

Sept. 23 to Oct. 22

Home and family life become a priority this year as you channel your energy on your private life. You want to create harmony in family life and create a luxurious environment by beautifying or decorating the home. Organize your career and know who your real and loyal allies are as there may be changes in themes related to joint finances and business deals. Do not be impulsive when making decisions in these areas. This year, you may also finalize a desire to collaborate with someone or a brand.

Strengths: Popular, charismatic, likeable, understanding, clever, perfectionist


Scorpio ♏

Oct. 23 to Nov. 21

The focus for 2021 for you is in areas of communication or social media. You would be more aware of how you communicate with the people around you, your social media presence, and in sharing your thoughts online. There is harmony in communicating ideas, and you would be inspired to use communication to influence others and manifest what you want. This year, you would feel bold and courageous to initiate new work projects and pursue new skills. There may be a sudden change in partnerships such as a breakup or sudden message from a romantic or business partner which would result in an argument. Be aware of the things you say. Don’t jump into partnerships—both business and love.

Strengths: Well-directed, protective, powerful, serious, hard-driving, loyal


Sagittarius ♐

Nov. 22 to Dec. 21

Your money, assets, and finances are your main priority this year. You want to create more wealth and additional streams of income. There will be a change in routine, diet, work ethics in areas such as where you work and how you work. You may find yourself suddenly changing jobs or getting fired from a job. Transform your personal values, self-worth, morals, and beliefs to achieve long term goals. You may find yourself indulging in more food plus spending money on leisure and material goods. You need to be mindful of your health and eat in moderation or else, there might be a potential health scare. When it comes to pets, take additional care of your pet’s health, ensure that they are kept in a safe and protective environment.

Strengths: Independent, individualistic, dedicated, versatile, energetic


Capricorn ♑

Dec. 22 to Jan. 19

2021 would be transformational for you as you want to rebrand yourself. You may spend money on beautifying yourself, such as spending money on appearance, skincare, and clothes to feel more confident and create a magnetic first impression for the people you meet. Capricorns are feeling powerful and want to create a new identity for themselves, especially when it comes to creative expression. They would also be open to date someone unexpected and complete financial cycles for business and investments.

Strengths: Dominant, determined, self-assured, calm, persistent, hardworking


Aquarius ♒

Jan. 20 to Feb. 18

This year, many Aquarians will find themselves focused on subconscious awareness and incorporate spirituality into their daily lives. Seclusion, meditation, hiking, and going on solo trips would spiritually help them reflect on how they relate to people and relationships around them. These water bearers would need to transform habits, especially self-sabotaging ones, and there may be an abrupt change in home life, such as moving away (migration).

Strengths: Quick, bright, open, interesting, fun, individualistic


Pisces ♓

Feb. 18 to March 20

The new year brings a strong focus on socializing, as there would be many harmonious exchanges of ideas. Take control over the outcome of your future by changing habits to achieve long-term goals. Learn to monetize your influence and invest your money on long-term projects or business. Don’t be impulsive when communicating and be careful with short distance travels.

Strengths: Artistic, fluid, empathic, flexible, adaptable, unselfish


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