IC, LTO seal MOA for linked IT systems

Published January 1, 2021, 6:00 AM

by Chino S. Leyco

The Insurance Commission (IC) and Land Transportation Office (LTO) have sealed an agreement to link the two agencies’ information technology (IT) systems.

In a statement, Insurance Commissioner Dennis Funa said they signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) to allow real-time responses to queries concerning verification of insurance cover of registered motor vehicles.

Insurance Commissioner Dennis B. Funa

“As we live in an era of globalization, it is important to provide quality and reliable services to our stakeholders. With this in mind, the LTO and IC aim to collaborate towards the creation of a secured and protected data collection system with 24/7 service access,” Funa said.

Funa said the online interconnectivity between IC and LTO will provide quick response to queries for faster processing of the certificate of cover (COC).

“By checking the COC reference number, chassis number, engine number and expiration date from the IC database, fake policies are now a thing in the past,” he said.

The MOA establishes a centralized system accessible to both the IC and the LTO, making it possible to query details such as—but not limited to—COC reference numbers, chassis numbers, engine numbers, and motor vehicle classifications,.

“The centralized system ensures that all [motor vehicle insurance] policies are registered within the LTO’s Motor Vehicle Inspection and Registration System (MVIRS),” Funa said.

“Every successful motor vehicle registration tags the COC as ‘USED’, making it impossible to recycle and forge the certificate. It therefore gives us the assurance that premium payments proceed directly to legitimate insurance companies,” he added. 

The LTO’s MVIRS is a web-based system that manages transactions including motor vehicle registration, re-registration and deregistration, transfers, cancellations, motor vehicle health certifications, penalty and inter-regional movement or transfers. 

The MVIRS maintains an accurate, up-to-date database of vehicle ownership and status.

Further, the IC and LTO also mutually agreed in the MOA to designate Data Protection Officers (DPOs) from both government agencies; observe any and all data privacy laws, rules and regulations for the protection of data subjects in the implementation of the MOA; and institute measures to ensure round-the-clock system service availability. 

“This partnership and collaboration between the LTO and IC is just one of our government’s continuous measures in providing better and streamlined services for our countrymen,” Funa said.