Alice Dixson ignites marijuana debate with viral post

Alice Dixson is currently among hot topics on social media, sharing on Instagram a snapshot of her surrounded by grown marijuana plants.

She wrote, “This photo was taken on a cannabis farm. Yes marijuana! I look like a deer in the headlights...”

Alice Dixson in 'wonderland' (Instagram)

The actress didn’t exactly identify the place where the photo was taken, saying simply she had to “climb a mountain high” for the “unique experience.”

She described the plants she saw there as numbering in the hundreds.

“Ssooo tall, all different sativa & indica strains; some maybe 9-10 feet tall,” she shared.

And why did she go there?

Dixson said: “All in search for some answers, knowledge & truth.”

She then teased the whole thing will be part of her next vlog.

The post ignited a debate among her followers.

One said, “Still can't understand why it remains illegal when tobacco is a much more dangerous plant...”

Another argued, “Anything that is beyond our need is addiction...”

Others were derisive, asking Dixson, “Nung nakita nyo po yung ahas sa mall, sabog ba po kayo nun?”

Obviously, the netizen was referring to a viral video of the 51-year-old former beauty queen discussing her much-talked-about mall encounter with a “taong ahas” several decades ago.