Be thankful, turn to & trust God this New Year – Church leader

Published December 31, 2020, 10:42 AM

by Christina Hermoso

A Catholic Church leader has called on the faithful to remain optimistic, “to be thankful, turn and trust God” as the New Year beckons amid the pandemic.


“God had reasons for the circumstances that happened in our life. Looking back at 2020, God is always there with us, carrying us through our periods of trials. We just probably ignored His presence, or we did not let Him into our lives or homes. It is true that we were in dire need. Perhaps we have been severely tested, had too much to bear, or experienced something painful. But we have overcome all these. We still succeeded. You and I are still safe. We are alive,” said Balanga Bishop Ruperto C. Santos in his New Year reflection.

“It is all because of God. In His goodness and grace, He has blessed and cared for us. His love and faithfulness have brought us back. We have been resurrected from the deep pit of mistakes, guilt, and sins. God is good and is always kind to us. He is merciful. Despite the many unfortunate events of 2020, we still have to thank God. And for this brand new year, let us turn to God and trust Him more,” Santos said.

The prelate reminded the faithful of the countless blessings that he must thank God for.

“When was the last time you have been thankful to God? Have you ever said, ‘Thank you Lord God for my life, my job, or my loved ones?’ Have you ever told Him ‘thank you Lord God for giving me my spouse or my life partner?’ When was the last time you praised Him and thanked Him for your parents?”

“Let us be thankful to our medical front liners for devoting their time, knowledge, and skills. They put their own life at risk so we will be strong, healthy, and above all, safe. Let us also express our gratitude to our essential service providers for their continued dedication to serve. Because of their care, we were able to accomplish what we want to do and achieve,” Santos said.

“Let us put God first in our thoughts. Let us think of Him and picture Him watching over us and listening to us. Let us focus our attention to God before any person, place, or things. Let us think that God is more powerful. He can do everything. He can provide what we need most in life. We realized that in this pandemic the only thing we really need is God. In the events of the past year, we are reminded that God is our true salvation. Only He can give us healing and health,” said Bishop Santos.

The Church leader urged the faithful to trust in God as they put their fears aside.

“We do not know what will happen in the New Year. We are not sure what will happen in the coming months. However, let us not fear and do not despair nor doubt. Let us turn to God and trust in Him. The Lord Jesus is among us. He is surely with us now as He was with His disciples. His promise is, I am with you always until the end of this world (Matthew 28,20). So, let us welcome His unending love into our weary hearts so that we may be strengthened to bear every trial that besets us,” Santos said.