GOSSIP GIRL: Bringing home the crown for the Philippines

Published December 30, 2020, 12:18 PM

by Giselle Sanchez

Giselle Sanchez

Bringing home the crown for the Philippines

I did it! I was able to Bring home the crown as Noble Queen of the Universe International!

I would like to congratulate my fellow International delegates: Miss USA Southern California Maegan Camaisa won the Noble Queen Universe title. Camaisa is a Californian blonde Caucasian married to a Filipino. She is the publisher of the Hollywood magazine Risen and is an equestrian. Miss India Aditi Aduja won the Noble Queen Globe. She is an artist, educator and a philanthropist. Miss USA West Coast Janine Streetman won the Noble Queen Tourism, and Miss USA Mainland Rhonda Renee Swan won the Noble Queen Earth.

Sixteen family-oriented women with advocacies all over the world fought for the five crowns and I am so blessed to have brought home one for the Philippines. This is my final takeaway for 2020 and I thank God and the entire Philippines who supported me in my journey.

Maegan Camaisa

I also would like to thank everyone who supported me in social media as I am also the winner of the Noble Queen of social media and noble ambassadress of humanity.

Special thanks to the Kagandahang Flores beauty camp, a school for pageant aspirants , led by Rodgil Flores and his team – pasarela instructor – Enan Cruz; make-up artist – Mommy Bry Galleguez; hair stylist Darryl Roxas; video dditor – Mark Chester Chua, and Daniel Manila and Mark Bumgarner for the pageant gowns.

My deepest thanks to my chiropractor Doc Rob Walcher and his wife Patrica Javier, Noble Queen of the Universe who sponsored me to enter the pageant as I was hesitant and half -hearted to join. I was finally convinced when Patricia told me that I can use the Noble Queen Pageant as a platform to get more donors so I can help more homeless families which was my advocacy.

And now, in a few days, I will be blessing a newly constructed home for a homeless family courtesy of the Noble Queen franchise . I am so blessed that I have found this sisterhood who has fully supported my advocacy to help the homeless and provide food, shelter and sustainable livelihood for them.