LOOK: 7 celebrities who give birth this 2020

Published December 28, 2020, 12:04 PM

by Paola Navarette

Celebrities have been welcoming little ones to the world all year long.

Babies bring hope and purpose, so the arrival of these little ones this year usher these moms into a hopeful new beginning. Here’s a look back at all the celebrity babies born in 2020.

Assunta de Rossi 

Actress Assunta de Rossi gave birth to a baby girl on October 23. Fiore is her first child with husband Jules Ledesma—a miraculous first for the couple after nearly two decades of trying to conceive.

Coleen Garcia

Coleen Garcia gave birth to her son, Amari, on September 10 with husband Billy Crawford. The couple opted to give birth at home, and Garcia gave a glimpse of her unmedicated water birth experience on her Instagram account.

Iya Villania

Television hosts Iya Villania-Arellano and Drew Arellano welcomed their third child Alana Lauren on September 18. The couple shares two sons with each other, Primo and Leon.

Isabel Oli

Actress Isabel Oli Prats admitted she was engulfed with anxiety while giving birth to her third baby named Forest amid the pandemic. Giving birth to Forest in July was challenging for her because for the first time, she was ‘alone’ without husband John Prats, who’s in a lock-in taping. But still, they are thankful for the blessing!

Max Collins

Like Coleen Garcia, couple Max Collins and Pancho Magno decided to have water birth at home because of the Covid-19 threat. On July 6, Collins gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Skye Anakin, their first child.

Dianne Medina

Actresss Dianne Medina on Sept. 10 gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, her first child with actor Rodjun Cruz. Their baby Rodolfo Joaquin Diego III was baptized on couple’s first wedding anniversary.

Aicelle Santos

Aicelle Santos gave birth last Dec. 6 to a beautiful baby girl. The couple named their firstborn Zandrine.