New Year, New Rediscoveries

Published December 27, 2020, 1:00 PM

by Jonnah Lynne Pante

PLDT Home wraps up the year with a reminder that the strongest connections are found at home

It doesn’t come as a surprise that some people find it hard to believe that it’s already the last month of 2020. Back in March, everyone was practically living with the same daily routines, and then everything changed one day. What we initially thought would last only for a few months has stretched into almost a whole year of challenges and adjustments.

More than the hardships that had to be endured in the past months, what can be considered as a silver lining is how this year taught people to appreciate the things in life that truly matter. With authorities advising to practice social distancing and to remain indoors as much as possible, daily
activities became centered at home.

With this, families realized the importance of strong and reliable internet connectivity as an essential part of their homes so that they can strengthen relationships and continue living and rebuilding their lives and livelihood while in quarantine. Together with these experiences, PLDTHome’s #StoriesAtHome have made people realize what truly matter amidst the challenges of the year—FAMILY and HOME.

For some, this resulted in families rediscovering their relationships while they spend more time together whether building new bonding experiences and learning new things at home. There have been a lot of online trends such as homemade dalgona coffee, ubepandesal and sushi bakes that
also became an opportunity for “madiskartengnanays” and home-based entrepreneurs to sell online. What was once unimaginable became inevitable in 2020—online grocery stores, work-at-home set up for employees, and online distance learning for school-age children. Family
entertainment at home has also evolved – from watching K-dramas to video streaming movies on Netflix or enhancing skills in online gaming and e-sports.

Life may have become a bit different than how Filipinos are used to, but one thing is certain—strong connections at home enable families to thrive and strengthen relationships. As the nation looks forward to a hopeful start for the upcoming year, PLDT Home wraps up 2020 with a collection of narratives depicting the strength of Filipino families, acknowledging that with all the experiences and learnings from this year, this has prepared each one to face a better, brighter, more meaningful 2021 ahead. As one of the brands known for building meaningful connections, PLDT Home has compiled all its real-life inspired stories, reiterating its message of
rediscovering what matters most at home.

The new video by PLDT Home highlights the importance of connection between families—the bind that gives us hope and meaning. It further strengthened the realization that despite the many challenges, the more bonding moments that each family member spend together, the stronger
they become. And when distance and safety made everyone unable to see or talk to one another physically, connections can be strengthened virtually.
May you and your family be encouraged to look forward to 2021, with this New Year’s video from PLDT Home.