Michelle Dy reveals misconceptions about her

Published December 23, 2020, 7:05 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Michelle Dy

Beauty guru Michelle Dy has recalled some moments where her confidence was tested on social media.

During a sit-down interview with Toni Gonzaga recently, Michelle recalled that among the biggest misconceptions about her is that she’s arrogant and a diva.

“Siguro ‘yun po ‘yung nakikita nila sa videos. Akala nila ganu’n ako in person kasi puro makeup tutorials, beauty videos lang ang shine-share ko. Hindi ko nalalabas totoong ugali ko kasi I mostly talk about superficial thing about makeup, beauty, ‘di masyadong pinapakita vlogs ng life ko,” she said.

Michelle also recalled the 2018 scandal in which American celebrity Jeffree Star called her out for allegedly “copying” his idea of “Jeffree Star Approved.”

It forced Michelle to delete her series with the same idea and eventually she apologized publicly.


According to Michelle, back then, Jeffree actually sent her direct message on Instagram with “super foul” words.

The most upsetting remarks from her “former idol” would be “you’re such a copy cat rat.”

She remembered receiving a threat that Jeffree’s lawyer will contact her soon. This did not happen.

Michelle admitted feeling so scared then but now she realized all were just an intimidation move.

“Na-realize ko hindi pala pwede kasi hindi naka-copyright sa kanya. Fault ko din kasi wala ako alam masyado nu’n. But it was good, I’m thankful and grateful.”

Michelle Dy (left) and Toni Gonzaga

Good thing her “loyal” supporters saved her from being depressed then.

She also revealed plans of quitting.

“All these years that I’ve been doing tutorials then one mistake, which technically wasn’t even a mistake, parang lahat bumagsak. Subscriber count ko nu’n bumaba. It was a trend to hate me that time. I think parang nag-e-enjoy ‘yung mga tao na i-hate talaga ako kasi alam nila na ‘pag nag-post ka ng hate tweet post mag-viral agad,” she said.

“Na depressed ako in a way pero nakayanan naman. ‘Yung mga natirang subscribers ko, du’n ko kinuha ‘yung strength para ituloy. I know that I was losing a lot but I know that I still have so much more.”

In fact, she recalled how her family advised her to stop doing online content as well but she continued as she believed that as long as there are people who believe in her, it’s worth fighting for.

Toni’s message to Michelle: “Just because Michelle carries herself well it doesn’t mean her battles are not heavy. Thank you Michelle for showing us that even if everyone is against you, you don’t have to be against yourself. May you continue to rise above your haters. And overcome all your struggles. Stay Beautiful!”