Dimples Romana: proud mom to daughter and her Filipino-made bag line

Published December 23, 2020, 11:07 AM

by Paola Navarette

Photo courtesy of Dimples Romana

Just like any mother, actress Dimples Romana is proud of her daughter Callie for launching her own online bag business called Cal the Brand.

On Instagram, Romana praised her 17-year-old daughter for “slaying life early and championing Filipino pride and craftsmanship.”

“While Callie was being interviewed, I couldn’t help but feel so proud and amazed at how she was handling herself,” the actress said. “Many from our media friends present a while ago were messaging me privately about how impressed they were with her, starting her own business, helping communities of Filipino artisans and using her platform to inspire more young people like herself to use and support local products.”

Seeing Callie’s steps in venturing into a business was a surreal experience for the celebrity mom.

“As a parent and an entrepreneur myself, I find joy in our investment victories big and small,” Romana said. “The fulfillment and heartfelt joy is actually different when you see how empowered your children have become because of the love and security that we give them. Callie anak, today, you have just opened up to the world and the world is ready for you.”

Cal the Brand’s first collection features handwoven bags made of premium rattan.