Check out these chic food creations inspired by designer fashion items

Published December 22, 2020, 11:59 PM

by John Legaspi

Matcha Prada bread bag anyone? What about a Jacquemochi?

Art comes in many forms, and sometimes the best masterpieces are produced when two mediums are combined. That is a fact proven by many artists and fashion designers through their career, merging fashion with art. We’re looking at you, Ms. Elsa Schiaparelli! Others took some style inspirations to the kitchen, giving a fashion twist to what’s being served on the table.

Now, if you’re obsessed with actress Heart Evangelista’s Chanel-inspired food creations, we found another fashion creative that will surely delight your eyes and make you salivate over his chic gourmet meals.

Content creator Daisuke, @dimda_ on Instagram, presents dishes inspired by luxury designer items. Based on his feed, which is totally #AestheticGoals, it is undeniable that Daisuke loves fashion and food, and managed to serve both on a single plate. Here are some of his sartorial eats, you would think twice if you want to devour them or keep them in your closet. So, go ahead, satisfy thy craving!


We should start with the classic, a Matcha Dior Saddle bread bag.

Spring roll Prada bag is a fresh take on the timeless piece.

Another Prada bag, this time in matcha bread.

Main Course

Nothing says comfort food than Dior and Chips.

Followed by a Japanese-Italian fusion, Prada Okonomiyaki.


These Jacquemochis are so kawaii! 

Images are from @dimda_ on Instagram.