Marjorie Barretto reveals she hated one of daughter Julia’s exes

Published December 21, 2020, 5:03 PM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

Actress Marjorie Barretto gamely unloaded a number of tidbits concerning her controversial daughter, Julia Barretto, when they joined forces for the latter’s most recent vlog.

The vlog was titled “Lie Detector Test With Mom” and among questions Julia asked her mom is to reveal exactly how many ex-lovers she has had.

Marjorie retorted, “Paano ko naman mabibilang ‘yun?”

Julia then asked again, “Hindi mo mabilang?”

Marjorie answered, “Oy hindi ah, we’re not liars. We just don’t overshare our truths. That does not make you a liar.”

Julia agreed, saying: “we don’t share.”

Then Julia asked Marjorie on her perception on some of her exes.

She said, “Have you ever disliked someone I dated?”

Marjorie replied, “Yes, Of course.”

The Lie dectector machine they’re using confirmed that Marjorie was telling the truth.

Marjorie added: “Kaya nga ex diba? there’s a reason why they’re an ex.”

Julia interjected, “Okay hahaba… tapos issue nanaman bukas, okay go.”

Marjorie asked her daughter, “Bakit kilala ba nila lahat ng ex mo?”

Julia shot back, “Dalawa lang naman sila eh.”

Marjorie feigned surprise.

She said, “Ay dalawa lang ba? …mai-issue nanaman ako niyan!”

Julia: “Dalawa lang naman sila so mamili na sila sino dun…Pero yung isa, hindi nila kilala; hindi lang sila sure.”

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