Christmas is truly in the air with these scented candles inspired by Pinoy holiday treats

Here's one way to bring the holiday spirit into your home

Not feeling the holiday spirit yet? We don't blame you. But if you want to turn things around, we have something that is sure to tickle your holiday senses. 

Homegrown brand Simoy ng Haraya channels our traditional holiday staples into scented candles that will delight even the Grinch among all of us. Its Christmas candle creations feature special scents inspired by Filipino favorites puto bumbong and bibingka

Puto bumbong soy candle
Bibingka soy candle

A nod to Yuletide nostalgia, the puto bumbong candle will perfume your home with coconut, milk, and brown sugar scents, while the bibingka will bring that freshly baked rice cake fragrance with the candles' coconut, brown sugar, egg, and butter scents.

The holiday candles are made of 100 percent natural soy wax and also come in other Filipino sweets such as classics buko pandan and tsoknut

Buko pandan soy candle
Tsoknutb soy candle

So, light up those candles and let the Christmas cheers fill your home!

Images are from @simoyngharaya on Instagram.