‘Onces’ spam tweets with hashtag: #TzuyuDeservesBetter

Published December 20, 2020, 4:43 PM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

TWICE member Chou Tzu-yu, known to her fans as “Tzuyu,” is now at the top of the trending list on Twitter following her absence at TC Asia’s “100 Most Beautiful Faces in Asia” and JYP Entertainment’s lack of support for the TWICE’s maknae.

Thousands of fans gathered on Twitter to express their disbelief and wishes for the Tzuyu.

user  @tzuyu loops posted: “tzuyu is always put in the back or the corner and never gets a decent amount of screen time despite being the visual”

Tzuyu at the back

“wtf is she now a backdancer?this is really crazy,JYPE is crazy. what JYPE do to our talented girl? we just want JYPE to take care of Tzuyu fairly,especially her eyebrows which don’t look natural!
TZUYU DESERVES BETTER!!” user @tuwaise tweeted.

User @tzuyu fans also tweeted: “Look how they put Tzuyu in the back. I know he’s tall, but should he always be behind or on the side? I guess they just think of Tzuyu as a back dancer. Jyp really goes too far in treating Tzuyu.”

At the time of writing,  #TzuyuDeservesBetter tweets are more than 98,000.