China Bank enlists Multisys as tech partner

Published December 19, 2020, 5:30 AM

by James A. Loyola

China Banking Corporation (China Bank) has partnered with leading software solutions company Multisys Technologies Corporation (MultiSys) so its business customers can adapt better to the changing times.   

In a statement, the bank said the technology partnership with MultiSys will help expand China Bank’s Cash Management capabilities by providing technologically-innovative solutions that will give more access and convenience to both business customers and depositors.

The initiatives include the expansion of its electronic collection channels and e-Commerce solutions, so business customers, especially the SMEs, can do business online and facilitate electronic collection.

“The pandemic has changed the game and we are committed to deliver game-changing solutions for the benefit of our customers,” China Bank Chief Operating Officer Romeo D. Uyan said. 

He added that, “Our partnership with MultiSys is in line with our strategy to fast track and scale up our ongoing digitization efforts to make banking progressively easier, safer, and more inclusive.”

MultiSys’ collaboration with China Bank is part of its mission to continually empower businesses from all industries with the latest tools, innovative services, and modern systems to implement advanced digital solutions.

With its agnostic and customizable services, MultiSys now serves as China Bank’s technology partner and system integrator.

China Bank said it will be able to provide partner merchants and business customers with a digital platform to accept cash payments on behalf of institutional and regional institutions, gather collected funds from agents, facilitate the payment of various services of OFWs, load e-wallets, transfer funds, cash-out transactions for SAP disbursements, purchase e-tickets or book transportation.

“The optimization of China Bank’s digital channels and backend processes through our solutions is one of our ways to help the banking industry and the country in its digital transformation journey,” MultiSys’ CEO and founder David Almirol Jr. said.

He added that, “Enabling our partners from various industries to reach their full digital potential is our commitment to our customers, clients and stakeholders.”