Make meal times fun with multipurpose lunch tools

Published December 18, 2020, 9:00 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

When moms are behind a company, you know its products have been road tested heavily, making sure that it is both mom and kid-approved. Mompreneur Esteban has been in the baby and kids business for quite some time, and she is in constant search for the best products to add to her company,Tickled Babies, that will help nurture relationships through the use of these products. 

One such international brand that caught her attention was from Australia, and Ivy was able to win Dannielle Michaels and Monique Filer over. They’re the moms behind which started out in 2007. It all started with Michaels having difficulty changing diapers inside a cramped up airplane toilet room. From there, Michaels launched’s very first product with her best friend Monique Filer. The nappy wallet was introduced, featuring a box that comes with wipes, a changing pad and storage for two diapers, plus a set of clothes to change. 

When asked why Esteban wanted to bring in this Australian brand, “Each brand we bring in must pass my meticulous standards as a mom who wants only the best for her kids, If I won’t use it for my own family, I won’t bring it in! To be honest, we have turned down business opportunities because I felt they are not a good fit to our mission. That’s why I am very proud and passionate about the brands that we do represent, and has passed my standards with flying colors!”

Her personal favorites include whole foods bento box which are adjustable with leak-proof compartments. “I love that it is such a versatile container not just for food, but also for school supplies, arts and crafts, trinkets, accessories, and more,” Esteban adds.

Another product she loves is the drink bottle that comes with a unique triangle shape that makes it easy for children to hold. Even adults can use them, too!

The third product that she loves is the bowl and straw cup. “It is such a unique 3-in-1 product. The removable straw makes it easier (and less messy) to drink soup or cereal, and a snack insert that transforms the bowl into an on-the-go snack holder. It’s truly innovative and sums up’s product design ethos.”

Admittedly, with online distance learning in place, one wonders how these products can be put to good use at home. “Kids are trying to cope with this pandemic too! If it is hard for adults to sit through a web-training for hours, imagine what the kids have to go through on a daily basis with distance learning. One thing within our control as parents is to add some sense of normalcy to their distance learning by serving snacks the traditional way. It also helps to make mealtimes fun by using a cheerful and well-designed presentation.”

Esteban shares that the lunchbox offers a way to surprise the children with an array of food to brighten up their day. The drink bottle can store fresh fruit juices for hours, so they can just sip any time they need to. Fun and functional, Esteban believes that baon tools can help make ODL a little bit better—in many color ways, too!