NETFLIX AND CHEERS: Four movies to get the kids into the Christmas spirit

Angela's Christmas ⓒ Still courtesy of Netflix

Wear your knee-high stockings, prepare that mug of hot chocolate, tuck in that bedsheet, and watch these Netflix originals that will surely ignite the spirit and true meaning of Christmas.  

After Jester, a snooty brat, was whisked away to Smeerensburg after an accident, he became the frozen town’s postman where he met toymaker Klaus. What they never knew was that their unlikely friendship would melt an age-old feud between two towns—just in time for Christmas. 

Christmas Chronicles
After a loss of a dear family member, siblings Kate and Teddy hatched a plot to keep the festive spirit alive by capturing Santa Claus. When everything didn’t go according to plan, they joined forces with the elves to save the Christmas Eve before it’s too late. 

Elliott, The Littlest Reindeer 
For a miniature horse Elliott, his biggest dream was to earn a spot in the band of North Pole reindeers. When an old fellow Blitzen announced his retirement, Elliott and his best friend Hazel set out to join Santa’s try-outs and become the new replacement. After finding out that the petting zoo he lives in is headed for disaster, he must find a way to save both his home and Christmas. 

Angela’s Christmas
Set in the early 1900s, this heartwarming tale tells a story of a little girl who attempted to make everyone a little less down, feel loved, and taken care of for Christmas. Her small acts of kindness led her to somewhat scary circumstances in just a day, but in the end, she was able to show his family how her little body yet big, big heart can make a huge difference. 

All photos courtesy of Netflix.