Sharon Cuneta’s touching birthday message for daughter Kakie

Published December 16, 2020, 3:23 PM

by Paola Navarette

Her daughter, Frankie, turned 20 years old today, Dec. 16

Photo courtesy of Sharon Cuneta

Actress Sharon Cuneta wrote a letter to her daughter Frankie Pangilinan as she wishes her a happy birthday. 

On Instagram, she shared a photo collage, where she referred to Frankie as “one of God’s most precious gifts whom I will be eternally grateful for.” 

“I cannot… Twenty already? I love you so much, my baba. I thank God for your love and constant presence in my life without even any horror stories when you were in your teens. Thank you for being so good to me,” Cuneta said.  “Hope you never change, except for the better. Thank you, my Kakie, for being such a good, loving, and understanding ate to Yellie and Gugie, for being a good example to them. And most of all, for loving me the way you do, and making me feel like I am the best mother in the world in spite of my imperfections.”

Frankie is Cuneta’s child with senator Kiko Pangilinan.