Covid Christmas? Think twice before going out to attend parties

Published December 16, 2020, 2:16 PM

by Paola Navarette

The safest route is virtual

In some ways, 2020 would make for the perfect Christmas: the holiday falls on a Friday, and on December 21, we will witness ‘Christmas kiss’ as planets Jupiter and Saturn will align, appearing closer than they have since the middle ages. 

But it’s no surprise that Christmas will be very different this year. With coronavirus rates rising in the country and social distancing measures still in place, many people are thinking about their health and that of others while considering how to celebrate. 

While some are thinking of visiting relatives or have family and friends over for dinner, experts say expanding your circle of people during the pandemic increases your risk of exposure.

“Celebrating virtually or with members of your own household (who are consistently taking measures to reduce the spread of the virus) poses the lowest risk for spread,” the CDC said in its website. “Your household is anyone who currently lives and shares common spaces in your housing unit, such as your house or apartment.”

Moreover, if you or your loved one have pre-existing medical conditions, a Covid-19 infection could be fatal.

“The disease can attack almost anything in the body with devastating consequences,” Dr. Jeffrey De Jesus, interventional cardiologist of St. Luke’s Global, told Nina Corpuz in an interview. “In the past few months, we have also observed that all of our organ systems are affected by the virus, including the heart, kidneys, and brain.”

According to the Department of Health, every 100 individuals who died due to Covid-19 had one or several known co-morbidities like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. 

For patients who have any of these three conditions, De Jesus advises continued use of medicines. “Covid-19 is deadly, but those three diseases are even more deadly if not treated properly,” he said.