Power Dressing: The ‘Pretty is Justice’ trend is one you should look out for

Published December 15, 2020, 4:18 PM

by Jerico Villamonte

Through their TikTok account, Chinoy TV introduced the Filipino community to “Pretty is Justice,” an ongoing trend among Chinese millennials. The lifestyle magazine show recently dissected the prevailing fashion and beauty trend on the video-sharing platform (known in China as Douyin) for better appreciation.

“Pretty Is Justice” is a common term for Chinese millennials pertaining to how they dress up for work or how they present themselves with their fashion or style, in general.

Chinoy TV said that the appearance economy in China is apparent among the citizens for it relates to one’s income. Another reason why they take time to put themselves together is to give their confidence a boost as dressing up presentably escalates the level of belief in one’s self.

The Chinese community has never been behind when it comes to fashion and beauty trends. In fact, there are hashtags on TikTok like #ChinaStreetStyle and #ChinaFashion specifically dedicated to China’s fashionable community, where cameras are pointed to fashionistas who are walking down the street sporting their best ensembles whether they’re going to work, shop, or even just out for a casual stroll.

Catch more of “Pretty is Justice” by watching the videos here:


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This trend has gone viral even top international vloggers are jumping in the bandwagon. For the guys out there, Garage Magazine compiled some of the top picks from other viral fashion trends. Check it out here.