Julia Barretto sleeps naked and you can’t do anything about it

Published December 15, 2020, 3:47 PM

by Neil Ramos

Many of those who were able to catch Julia Barretto’s most recent vlog were downright titillated with the nubile actress divulging little-known facets of her life.

Among other things, Julia disclosed that she actually do away with clothing when at home.

She said, “That’s one of the best things about living alone. You can sleep naked, you can get food naked, you can walk around the house naked.”

Julia Barretto

Between mouthfuls of hot, spicy food, which she enjoyed with seeming gusto, Julia went on to share other bits of trivia, including how her sweet little lips tasted that ever-memorable first kiss while in a car.

Whose car we could only guess.

And if you’re wondering, she is also obsessed with perfumes, relating she has a closet full of these sensual aromatics.

Meanwhile, those who want to impress Marjorie Barretto’s daughter should start saving so that someday they could buy their own private jet.


Because one of Julia’s biggest dreams is “flying to another country just to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then fly back. So that’s for a full day. I’ve always wanted to that.”

Yeah, you need more than a jet to satisfy that.

WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5bmUIO3Svs&t=514s