Five easy ways to turn your home into a ‘five-star staycation’ spot

If you’re just like the rest who is ready to throw in the towel because you’ve been cooped up in your home for so long, then you know just how important a weekend getaway can be. 

Families and individuals often go out of their way to book even a short vacation as a form of reward or a way to rejuvenate one’s wellbeing. Vacations used to be set somewhere out of town but lately, people have been embracing the charm of staycations in the city. 

Sadly, something like this couldn’t even be done because of the pandemic – and for good reason!

But here’s a thought: Why not bring that “vacation feel” closer to home by transforming your very own bedroom into a five-star vacation suite. Impossible? We’ve asked some experts and here are their tips on how to achieve it:

1) Keep room layout clean and balanced

“Hotel rooms are very neat and symmetrical in layout,” said interior designer Christina “Ninna” Del Mundo, who was mentored by Arch. Manny Samson of Emesae.

“The bed should be in the middle of the room, with two nightstands each side, and the accent wall directly over the headboard (preferably padded). A reading chair and desk could be placed at the corners of the room if there's space. It also helps to hide all the wires, so make sure that the outlets and switches of the lights are placed within reach.” 

Make your room into a five-star suite with cleanliness, some changes, and balancing of elements

2) Invest in lighting

Lightning plays a big part in making your personal space feel more hotel-like.

“Have ambient layered lighting installed. Nice bedside lamps, indirect lighting on the ceiling, and a floor lamp by the chair are enough to set that cozy atmosphere. Use warm lighting, except for the reading lights if they're needed,” said Del Mundo.  

Warm lighting makes your room feel like an upscale hotel room

3) Keep colors calm and neutral 

For that classy hotel feel, use tasteful-looking materials and colors. Del Mundo said that a nice sheer curtain under a blackout drape would work to add an elegant touch to the room. Using wallpaper with a dominantly neutral color palette and accenting it with wood, chrome, or touches of brass and a mirror could make a big difference in making a room actually feel more expensive. 

Rooms that come in calm colors exude a luxe, relaxing atmosphere

4) Invest in a good bed

Del Mundo added that if you really want to transform your bedroom into your very own hotel suite, a nice and comfortable bed is a must.

“The bed is what makes a bedroom. Choose a good mattress and pillows, and soft cotton sheets with a high thread count.” 

There are many hotel-quality bed linens available in the market but Linen & Homes stand out because of its unique “Bamboo Sheets” line. Bamboo sheets are said to be hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. The sheets are also perfect for the tropical climate as bamboo helps in keeping the surface of the sheets cool. What’s more, Linen & Homes’ 300 thread count bamboo sheets are said to be equivalent to normal beddings with 800 thread count. 

A comfortable bed is a must if you want to sleep in your own 'hotel suite'

5) Choose your scent well

Choose a scent that can elevate your room’s hotel ambiance. Mark Zavalla, owner of Saan Saan Handmade Soy Candles, said scents that are not overpowering can help you relax. He suggested Saan Saan bestseller, “Kung Tag-araw,” which he describes as a scent that “rekindles an endless summer, marked with sipping lemonades on the beach, surfing along the coastlines of Zambales, or hanging on hammocks on hot summer nights” – exactly what a vacation room should smell like.

Saan Saan bestseller, Kung Tag-araw, is a scented candle that 'rekindles an endless summer.' A five-star room at home should have a scent that brings the vibe of a vacation

The scented candle (made of all-natural soy and beeswax blend) has notes of lemon, bergamot, Sampaguita, olive, and pine. 

IMPORTANT TIP: Know your budget

Be mindful of your budget if you’re serious about taking on this project.

“For minor furnishing projects (new lighting, loose furniture, new curtains, and repainting) about P6,000 to P12,000 per square meter is the budget. For a major overhaul that may involve new ceiling, new flooring, repainting, other electrical works, new lights, built-ins, furniture, and curtains, it is best to set the budget at P13,000 to P20,000 per square meter.” 

Based on individual taste and budget, homeowners can “value engineer” depending on what their priorities are. For example, if you were to prioritize your mattress but don't want to splurge on everything, you can opt for a high-end brand like Tempur, then save on the bed frame and buy a nice upholstered one from Wilcon Home Depot. Or get a mid-range durable orthopedic mattress with pillow topper from Uratex and spend a bit more for your other furniture. 

The designer also suggested the best places to start looking for things you need for a DIY room renovation.

“If you like matching modern pieces and storage, SB Furniture of Abenson has a series of the same wood finishes and they even do sample layouts for you. For one-stop shops, All Home has a lot of great and affordable selections. For locally made designer lighting, accessories, and furniture, you may go to LRI Makati and check out Triboa Bay Living and the other shops there.”